"Simplifying the Complicated"
Conch Communications

Technical, business and marketing copywriting and copyediting


Conch Communications is an Internet-based service specializing in researching, writing and editing a variety of documents for technical, business and marketing audiences. These include:

§          Brochures, fliers, catalogs

§          Technical and marketing papers

§          Newsletters

§          Application briefs, success stories, case studies

§          Proposals

§          Ghost-writing

§          Magazine and newspaper articles, columns, reviews

§          Web sites

Copywriting is done based on information provided by the client, and can include:

·         Engineering notes

·         Web research

·         Telephone interviews

·         Internal company documentation

Our skills in writing, editing and "wordsmithing" transform rough input data into an easy-to-understand publication, tailored for your audience. We specialize in quick-turnaround jobs, returning your document in Microsoft Word or plain text format.


Some recent projects include:

·         IBM Pervasive Systems
Success story:  Visa
Success story:  T. Rowe Price
Success story:  Plaza Associates
Success story:  PFPC
Success story:  KeyCorp
Success story:  Danish Railways

·         IBM IT Analyst Relations
Weekly News Briefs Newsletter

·         Time Out Magazine
Monthly “Taking it Keysy” column

·         Keynoter Newspaper
Stringer:  freelance stories for bi-weekly newspaper

·         Daniels and Roberts

·         DocksideNet.com

·         Matrix Strategic Planning Group

·         Medical Office Software

·         Citrix Systems, Inc.


Keynoter articles and pictures

Mobile Pregnancy Center
Marathon After Dark
Summer Solstice Festival
Conch Chowder Cookoff
Dog Daze
Hemingway Lookalikes
Asleep On Duval

CAD Systems Magazine

CATIA Heart Pump

Some of our Web sites:

Dockside Bar, Grill and Marina
Miami Dolphins Season Ticket Holders
Daytona Resort & Club
Forgotten Felines

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Let us show you how we can create high-content, easy-to-read publications for your business.

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